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8 Ways to Avoid Air Conditioning Compressor Failure

Everything on this earth requires care and maintenance-be it the human body or any machinery. Air conditioner too is not an exception to this rule. Without routine AC maintenance in Austin, TXthe unit can accumulate dirt and suffer from wear and tear, leading to a short lifespan and poor performance of the machine. 

Air conditioner maintenance is less expensive and much easier than repairing and replacing. That is why it is significant to always keep the machine under check by Texas Reliable Services and prevent any major breakdown like compressor failure. The last thing you want to find out is that your AC is not working after a hectic day in the summer season. To prevent this, go through our post to know the most efficient ways to avoid the compressor failure of an AC. 

Why should AC compressor failure be a big deal for you?

The air conditioner compressor plays a crucial role in the cooling of space. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the evaporator and flows to the compressor, which reduces the refrigerant volume and converts it into a liquid state. It helps in increasing the temperature and transforms it into a high-pressure gas. The gas flows into the condenser coil to release the heat outside the room. It again gets converted into a liquid flowing to the indoor unit.

This process is a continuous refrigerant cycle. If there is a compressor failure, the entire cycle will get interrupted, and there will be poor performance. Thus, you should consider the risk of AC compressor failure seriously and prevent it by regular HVAC Services.

8 ways to prevent AC compressor Failure

Compressor failure primarily occurs due to strain or problems in other segments of the AC. We have listed the ways and areas below that you should check regularly and address to your HVAC Contractors in Austin, TX, to keep the compressor healthy and consistently performing. 

  1. Leakage in the refrigerant 

If your AC is slowly losing its cooling capacity, there is a chance of leakage in the refrigerant that may call for AC repair in Austin, TX. The compressor will require the correct refrigerant amount to do its job efficiently. Thus, under or overcharging the AC unit will degrade the compressor’s performance. A refrigerant leakage also has hazardous effects on health and the environment. But a qualified professional during regular HVAC Maintenance will point out this leakage with proper tools and repair it without hassle.

  • Appoint well-skilled experts only

AC repairing or maintenance is a delicate task. If an unqualified and inexperienced repairman handles it, one mistake might lead to another. It can cause poor performance and even compressor failure. Hiring a professional to repair and maintain HVAC Commercial and residential units is essential. 

  • Get the Correct Replacement Parts

It is another significant reason for enlisting well-known and specialized AC professionals like Austin Texas Reliable Services. If an AC technician mistakenly mended or replaced parts that are wrong in size or are straining the system, it can also lead to a compressor failure. Thus, save your effort and time by getting your AC fixed on the first go by a competent professional who can do tasks like AC Air Filter Replacement with efficiency. 

  • Always clean the coils

Air conditioner coils collect grime and dirt through normal functioning with time. They get covered with build-ups and dust, preventing usual heat release through the coil. When proper heat exchange remains inhibited inside the coils, the compressor must work overtime to drive out the heat. It puts immense pressure on the coils and stress on the compressor. To avoid this situation, always keep your coils shining and spotless. 

  • Lubrication and oiling of the unit

A compressor is one of the crucial parts of your AC, which is constantly moving.  Proper lubrication and oiling are essential for its continued function. Only an expert will know the difference between efficient maintenance and temporary fix. A skilled AC technician will also replace the oil lubricant during routine AC Maintenance in Austin, TX to prevent issues like compressor failure. 

  • Clearance of suction lines

The compressor handles some pressure to function accurately. But with the damaged or blocked suction lines, there will be enhanced pressure on the compressor, leading to a temperature increase. Further problems in the airflow and piping systems in an AC can also result in compressor failure. Thus, you should get the suction lines cleared during your regular maintenance services.

  • A thorough inspection of the wiring

Sometimes we overlook the matter of the wiring system during AC Installation. But with time, it can create a massive problem for the system. Electricity helps to keep the fans blowing, the refrigerant running, and the compressor moving. But if there is an electrical failure from the start during HVAC Installation, there can be acid accumulation inside the machine. It will deteriorate the condition and function of several AC parts, including the compressor. 

A skilled AC professional can detect if there is any acid present in the AC unit during their regular inspection. They will find and replace the damaged fuses and wires before leading to compressor failure. It will also save from expensive parts repair or complete machine replacement in the future. 

  • Contamination prevention

Most of the time we tuck massive AC units in the attics, outside, or storage rooms. It makes the system out of range for cleaning. The pans and the drain lines of the AC unit are exposed to potential contamination risks if they are not often cleaned. Contaminants can include mold, dust and grime, vehicle exhaust, chemicals, VOCs, pest droppings, and pathogens to make you sick. This contaminant build-up on the system will put additional pressure and might lead to a compressor failure. 

Contact Texas Reliable Services for immediate AC Repair or for regular AC maintenance

To keep your compressor and AC in good condition, you should schedule a quarterly or yearly checkup. At Texas Reliable Services, you can get the perfect maintenance plan according to your usage, budget, and equipment. We also offer Air conditioning repair in Austin, TXwithout making a giant hole in your pocket. Call us at (512) 609-8103 to book a service request today.

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