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Ductwork Repair and Replacement

If you have installed HVAC systems and discern hot and cold spots in different areas of your home or find your air conditioner taking longer than usual to cool your home, then maybe your system has duct issues. In such cases, your ductwork may need repairs or replacements.

 You can reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home by opting to repair or replace the dented ductwork. In turn, you can continue to be comfortable within the safe confines of your home by maintaining the temperatures at the desired levels.

Ductwork: a Brief

Ducts are comparable to straws because they transport air from one place to another. The ducts carry air inside your home via the AC blower. Normally, ductwork is composed of pre-insulated fiberglass-based solid duct boards or plastic materials. Though, you can also avail of sheet metal ductwork (including pipes constituted of sheet metal) too; they are insulated after their installation.

What are the common ductwork issues?

Ductwork problems can be varied, as studied below.

  • Your ductwork could be outdated. Over time, ductwork tends to break down. Owing to the kind of ductwork in your house, the exterior line starts deteriorating and the insulation topples over.

In the case of damaged ductwork, the air entering your home can be hotter by several degrees. In the process, your home cooling costs can increase substantially. Even so, you can resolve such problems by repairing the duct networks.

  • Air duct leaks are detected if the installers have not sufficiently sealed the ductwork or the old duct sealant has started disintegrating.
  • Rodents (like squirrels and rats) can also be responsible for damaging the ductwork.

Other common ductwork problems include tangles in ductwork, leading to limited airflow. Moreover, among other duct-related issues are supply leaks, return leaks, leakage in duct connections, and furniture blockages.

What we have to offer?

If you notice temperature imbalances inside your home, simply call us at HVAC Austin Texas. We boast of having a team of qualified and fully-trained technicians. Count on them to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the duct networks in your home. In some cases, they use infrared cameras to examine the hard-to-reach areas too.

Thereafter, they will give you a complete report of the requisite repairs. Sometimes, they might suggest replacing the ductwork to help you reduce your maintenance costs.

As part of the inspection of ductwork, our company professionals carry out an air balance check as well. Many customers complain of some parts of their home being rather hot or cool. Hence, the technicians work to sufficiently balance the flow of air inside your home.

They execute the repairs by making the necessary adjustments, setting up installers, or using advanced equipment (like an airflow meter or bolometer) to measure the velocity of air in the afflicted areas.

Our other services

Apart from detecting and resolving ductwork problems, we are in the business of repairing HVAC systems and air conditioning units as well. At Austin TX AC Repair, our technicians have been repairing and maintaining ACs for several years now.

Upon calling us after you perceive that your AC is emitting foul odors or not cooling fast enough, the HVAC experts at Austin tx ac repair will arrive at your home for a systematic inspection.

You can be sure that the professionals of air conditioning repair in Austin are honest and will guide you correctly. More so, within a couple of minutes, you can be sure that the air conditioning service Austin team resolving your problem.