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HVAC Mistakes That Could Be Causing Your High Energy Bills

Are you suddenly noticing an increase in the energy bills but have not been consuming more electricity? Then there are high chances of you making some mistakes that could be driving up the cost of your bills.

If you are having a difficult time cooling your house in the summer season, or notice impure air or any such unusual signs, then its time to hire the best HVAC Contractors in Austin, TXand get it checked by professionals. 

Many factors might be responsible for the high energy bills. It can include a mistake in the Austin AC Installationa poorly insulated wiring system, old and inefficient appliances, a small leakage in the doors or windows, and many more. If you have already checked these things and have ruled out all these factors, then the only culprit is the problem in the heat pump or the heating system.

Usually, the electricity bill remains high in the winter months, as it is the time when the supplemental heat and the heat pumps operate the most. But if your electricity bill suddenly becomes sky-high than usual, it is a sign that your system needs expert Austin HVAC Services to recognize the problems and solve them. 

There can be issues like tripped breaker for the outdoor unit, dirty air filter, iced up the outdoor unit, damaged compressor, or leak in the refrigerant.

In this article, Texas Reliable Services, one of the top HVAC companies in Austin, Texas, lists the most common HVAC mistakes that result in energy waste and higher utility bills.

Regulating the thermostat too low

The HVAC system can keep your surroundings 20 degrees cooler or hotter than the outside temperature. It means that if you have 90 Degrees Fahrenheit temperature, your HVAC system can cool it down to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you adjust the thermostat temperature below the 70-degree mark, your HVAC system will operate all day to cool your room to the desired temperature. It will cause your energy bill to go sky high and also cause immense strain on the system. 

Late in scheduling preventive maintenance

One of the best ways to ensure your HVAC system is running efficiently is by servicing through a professional companyDuring a preventive visit from HVAC Services a professional will examine, service, and clean the unit. The contractors will also ensure that the entire system is operating flawlessly. Forgetting to schedule an HVAC Maintenance service on time will result in tiny problems, which will eventually lead to high energy bills. If you let these problems go undetected, they will become enormous with time and will call for expensive repairs or replacements. 

Forgetting to replace the air filter

AC Air Filter Replacement is significant for the HVAC system’s health and efficient operation. An air filter filled with dirt will affect Indoor Air Quality. It also makes it trickier to distribute the air throughout the room. It will increase your energy bills and make the system work harder than usual. Air filters are hassle-free to replace and will also deliver you the best air quality. If you have installed a smart thermostat, it will display an alert when it is time to change the air filter. 

Programming the smart thermostat, the wrong way

Before installing a smart thermostat, learn how to program and run it. It will allow the user to schedule the temperature changes for the day. Thus the entire unit will run whenever it is necessary. If you never program your smart thermostat, you will waste your money on the purchase and are not reaping any advantage of the energy-saving settings it offers to the users. 

Ignoring the leakages

Leakages in the doors and windows allow the air from the HVAC system to escape outdoors and permit the hot air from outside to enter inside. It will force the HVAC unit to work round the clock to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Thus, during your Air conditioning repairtry to keep the air in its place by weather-stripping to cover all the leakages around doors and windows. You can also check your entire house, including the attic and basement, and ensure that every space is insulated well. 

Closing the vents and registers

An HVAC system is designed to cool and heat a specific space. Closing the registers and vents will alter the space available for the system to cool and heat, forcing it to perform like an incorrectly sized unit. It can either lengthen or shorten the runtime, straining the system and increasing the energy cost. If you place the furniture near the registers and vents, the same difficulties can also arise. So also be careful about the furniture placement position. 

Wrong sized HVAC system

If you have a wrong-sized unit or is more than 18 years old, these can be the primary reasons for increasing electricity bills. Old HVAC systems are not as efficient as the new models. And it becomes more expensive to run even with proper AC Maintenance. Oversized HVAC units are short-cycled as they start operating too frequently and cannot run enough for dehumidifying the space. A short cycle will increase your energy bills, leaving you in an uncomfortable environment. 

Undersized HVAC units are incapable of efficiently cooling or heating the area. Thus they have to operate throughout the day and night to keep the space at the desired temperature. So, with a new HVAC installationyou can keep the electricity bill lower, keep the space at a comfortable temperature and recoup the replacement costs. 

Schedule a service call today with our professional HVAC contractors near you to find more ways to save money on your HVAC system.

Texas Reliable Services has been offering HVAC Services in and around Austin, Texas for years. With years of experience, expertise, and well-trained and licensed technicians, we ensure to deliver the most comfortable environment inside your home or office. Our experts will thoroughly inspect and repair the system at a minimal cost. So, call us or fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment immediately to implement any of the changes mentioned in this article.

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