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The AC Maintenance checklist

The average temperature throughout Texas remains high and increases in the summer season. The use of the AC in HVAC systems is also higher and so is the chance of their failure at this time. Most people take their cooling machines for granted and assume it will work smoothly with no issue. But when the system suddenly fails and needs repairing, people get highly distressed.

So, to ensure proper functioning, it is essential to stay on top of Air conditioning maintenance in Austin, TXall through the summer. By scheduling an inspection of the air conditioning unit in the start of the summer, you can avoid many big damages in the coming days.

Below we have prepared an AC maintenance checklist to ensure your unit is in top shape. 

  1. AC Filters

AC Air Filter Replacement and proper inspection are the basic steps in the maintenance checklist. Dirty or clogged filters can cause several problems as the entire system has to perform harder to pull the air inside the machine. Replace or repair the AC filters once every three months. If you are using the AC regularly, it needs to be changed monthly.  A prominent sign of filter replacement is when the covers are full of dust. Keep the filters in check if you reside near a dusty road, have pets or are prone to allergies like asthma. By regular filter maintenance, you can prevent straining on the AC unit or any sudden breakdown. 

  • Cleaning the exterior compressor or condenser

Mostly the exterior condenser or compressor of the AC units is present in the backyard segment of the house or a building. A compressor or condenser cools the refrigerant present in the AC unit and pulls the air inside to feed into the system. When debris enters the housing or the compressor, the efficiency of the system decreases and becomes prone to sudden collapse. So, you must follow the below steps to clean the condenser. 

  • Turn off the condenser

Turn off the machine from the main power point. After that, check out the circuit breaker switch connected to the air compressor and turn it off. 

  • Clean the debris 

The next step is to open the top of the compressor with the help of a wrench or a screwdriver to remove the fasteners. After that, you can eliminate the debris by using a vacuum cleaner or manually. Always be sure to use gloves to protect your hands from sharp objects present inside the system. 

  • Straighten and clean the fins

The thin metal fins on the side of the AC unit are covered with dirt. The professionals during Austin AC Maintenance use a hose for spraying the fins, forcing the debris and dirt to come out of the machine. Next, check the fins for warps and bends. If there are any, straighten them out with a flathead screwdriver. As a result, there will be an improvement in the airflow and strain reduction on the unit. 

  • Clean the segment around the unit

Check the outside surroundings of the AC unit and ensure there is no obstacle. The unit should be 2 feet cleared from the branches, grass, lawn furniture or rocks. 

  • Put together the entire unit

Once the technicians are done with the AC maintenance in Austin, TXthey will place the cover of the compressor and put it together. At last, turn on the compressor and circuit breaker switch. 

  • Check out the air ducts.

Poor or ill maintenance of the air ducts that carry the air throughout the AC system is the most prominent cause of sudden machine breakdown. The ducts with blockages or holes will prevent the entire system from working like usual and can put additional straining on the unit. It will ultimately lead to premature failure of the system. The damages to the air ducts can be due to the following reasons.

  • Pest manifestations like rats that can chew thin aluminum ducts without difficulty
  • Water damage due to condensation
  • Duct corrosion
  • Accidental ducts mishandling

To prevent any severe air duct issues that can lead to expensive AC Repair in Austin, TX, always check for the damage signs. 

  • Examine the refrigerant tubing

In an AC, there are small metal tubes present on the condenser exterior of the air handling system. These tubes are responsible for carrying the refrigerant between the compressor and the air handler to regulate the temperature. If there are any leaks in the refrigerant tubes, call an expert company for Air conditioning repair in Austin, TX, as soon as possible. They will handle the coolant safely and ensure there will be no leakages in the future. 

  • Inspect the evaporator coil

Always inspect the evaporator coil of the AC unit while checking the interior. You might notice some typical discoloration. Make sure there is no debris or dirt present on the coil. You can clean it by spraying a coil cleaner and a soft brush. The dirt from this cleaning will get collected in the drain pan. You should also clean it by pouring water or bleaching mixture. It will also eliminate the growth of any algae or bacteria down the drain. 

In the end, always check out any loose screws or parts, case and panels of the AC unit. A damaged or loose panel will cause different problems like air leaks or high humidity. Also, remember the last time maintenance was done to keep your machine running smoothly. 

These are some of the basic checklists for AC inspection in HVAC Maintenance. However, if you are inexperienced or have more complicated issues, we recommend seeking professional HVAC Services in Austin, TX, for thorough repairs and replacement of your air conditioning unit. 

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