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How Often Should You Replace the AC Filter in Your Home?

Did you know that heating and air conditioning systems makeup for over 10% of energy consumption in the world today? And while you may be part of this percentage, there’s a lot of maintenance required to make sure your system is working optimally. 

Let’s take filter replacement for example. If you want to ensure that your system works well during the warmer months, an AC air filter replacement is vital. 

Homeowners want to know how often they should replace the AC filter in their home. Here’s all you should know about AC filter replacement. 

When and Why Should I Replace the AC Filter?

When trying to figure out whether or not it’s time to replace the AC filter, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of variables that determine this answer. From the air filter model to indoor air quality, all of these are important factors in determining when to replace the AC filter.

Type of Air Filter

Let’s take the type of air filter you have for example. If you are currently utilizing a cheaper, fiberglass filter, you are probably going to want to change out your filter monthly. 

But if your system is currently working with a higher-end pleated filter, an air filter replacement every 6 months will suffice.

Number of Pets

The next variable that you want to take into consideration is how many pets live in the household. Let’s face it. Clogged filters are inevitable when your furry friends are living under your roof.

If you suffer from pet allergies, it is recommended that you change the filters out every 20 days. But if your allergies are a bit more moderate, you could replace the AC filter every two months. 

Vacation Home

Good news! If you own a vacation home (or are a single occupant), you don’t have to change your filters out as often. Because you don’t utilize your system as often, you won’t be required to change out the filter monthly. 

It’s recommended that if the occupant of the vacation home does not battle with allergies, every 6 -12 months would be a sufficient amount of time. 

In addition, if you live in a more mild climate where you don’t have to utilize a heating and air conditioning system daily, changing out the filters monthly would not be necessary either. Try changing it every 90 days if they occupants don’t deal with allergies.

When to Replace the AC Filter and More Here!

Whether you’re inquiring when to replace the AC filter or are looking to get maintenance done in the future, we’d love to help. Finding a reliable heating and air conditioning company in the Austin area can be difficult. Fortunately, we’ve been keeping all of our customers “cool” over 15 years, 

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