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The 4 Most Common Air Conditioner Repair Issues

Air conditioning is one of the most significant appliances in a home or an office. Whether it’s hot summers or cold winters, air conditioners keep us comfortable throughout all seasons.

However, AC repair is one of the most common HVAC repairs that needs your attention quite often. This article lists the most typical issues with ACs and how to put an end to them.

Refrigerant Leakage

All the air conditioners have refrigerant, which allows them to operate efficiently. An inadequately charged refrigerant or a refrigerant leak can trigger the system’s refrigerant level to drop below the suitable amount.

To fix this, the experts of AC repair in Austin, TX recharge the refrigerant, along with repairing the leak, if any.

Drainage Concerns

Normally, condensation is a part of an air conditioner’s cooling process that pours away from the machine. However, if there is a blockage in the condensate drain lines or drip pan, or if the degree of outdoor humidity is high, then the moisture may move back into your AC. These conditions can cause excess condensation that will increase indoor humidity levels and obstruct the air conditioner’s performance. Additionally, it could also harm other components of your air conditioner.

To fix this issue, your expert for Air conditioner repair in Austin, TX will examine and treat all condensate lines and the drip pan to prevent future clogs. If any other parts of the AC have been damaged, your AC specialist will provide you with an estimate to repair it.

Broken Compressor Fan

The outside unit of an air conditioner is the heart of the compressor, fan, and condenser coils. The proper functionality of these components is essential to produce a cool indoor environment. When the outdoor fan is collapsed, the heat transfer process is slowed down. This will cause a drop in cooling from your air conditioner. Moreover, a broken fan can set off the system’s compressor to overheat which can cause damage to the compressor itself, calling for emergency AC repair in Austin, TX.

A professional home AC repair expert will identify the issue stopping the outdoor fan from working as it should. Accordingly, the AC fan will be repaired or replaced by the expert, and the outdoor unit will be examined to assess any additional system damage.

Frozen Condenser Coils

If the condenser coils of your AC have frozen up, your system will not function properly. Inadequate airflow through your cooling unit can cause ice to build up on the coils. Usually, this is caused by blockages due to dirty air filters or choked air ducts. At times low refrigerant can also be the reason for frozen condenser coils in the outer unit.

A skilled air conditioner repair technician can analyze the exact problem behind your frozen coils, fix it, and carefully thaw your coils to bring back cooling in your home or office. Furthermore, by scheduling AC maintenance in Austin, TX you can avoid any upscale AC issues that could cause inconvenience for you.  

Warning signs to confirm AC repair

Improper functioning of air conditioners means it needs repair or replacement. Therefore, timely Air conditioner maintenance in Austin, TX is important to check for any faulty parts.

You can assess your air conditioner’s condition by checking the filter for any dirt or debris. Depending on the condition the technician will inform you if you need an AC air filter replacement.

Another way to see if your AC needs repair is by checking the fan in the air conditioner’s compressor unit. If the fan is not moving or is making weird noises, your air conditioner may need fixes. And finally, if the evaporator coil in your AC is damp, it also indicates your AC needs repair.

Here are some warning signs leading to AC repair:

  • AC unit is making crushing, grating, or any other weird sounds
  • Not producing cool indoor air
  • A strong, burning, musty, or unpleasant smell from your AC
  • Increase in the indoor humidity levels
  • High energy bills
  • Short-cycling
  • The coil of your AC unit is damp
  • The temperature of the outdoor unit is higher than 95 degrees Fahrenheit

If you spot any of these indications, it’s time to contact an HVAC expert in your area to take a look at your air conditioner.

Call Texas Reliable Services for AC Repair in Austin, TX

It can be challenging to keep air conditioners running smoothly all year round. Therefore, it’s critical to identify the most common air conditioning repair issues. The above-listed problems; from filters to condensers, can require attention from a specialist. If you think that your AC requires repairs, call in professionals at Texas Reliable Service. We will diagnose the problem and offer a suitable solution with an estimate. We specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing HVAC and Plumbing services such as air conditioner installation,  AC repair, AC maintenance, water heater repair, toilet repair, and more. Contact us today for your HVAC requirements.

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