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How to Prepare My AC Unit for the Summer

When the temperature increases, no one wants to be caught in the scorching heat and shimmered in the sun. The last thing people want on a hot summer day is to find their air conditioner not operating correctly or is not starting at all! The primary reason behind this is the lack of the annual maintenance routine checkup by the Top HVAC companies in Austin, TX

Spring is considered an ideal time in Austin to prepare your AC unit for the summer season. An AC consists of an indoor and an outdoor compressor. It is the primary segment of an AC that you should maintain and stay clean. Most AC remains idle and does not work in the winter months, thus collecting debris and dust. A routine Austin HVAC maintenance Service by a professional company will replace the malfunctioning filters, clean the condenser, and do an investigation thoroughly. Let us inform you of how to prepare your AC unit and be ready for the higher temperature.

  • Filter cleaning and maintenance

Clogged filters are one of the primary reasons for lower cooling and high energy bills. It is due to the AC unit working harder to provide the required results and keep the entire house cool. The particles present inside the dirty filter can affect the indoor air quality as they will also come out with cool air. It might cause damage to the entire AC unit and a severe breakdown.

The filters accumulate dust, dirt, and other particles rapidly. An expert in AC maintenance can wash and clean them during regular checks up, particularly after the winters. Replace the air filters often, at least once every two months, when they encounter heavy use. 

  • Obstructions and leaks in the airflow

Obstructions or gaps in the ductwork lower the air force in the HVAC unit. So always examine the connectors and ducts for any damage or loose spots. A renowned HVAC contractor in Austin, TX, will also check the blower components. The efficiency of the AC unit can reduce by nearly 15% if they are not adjusted accordingly. If your house includes a fireplace, close the damper to prevent the cool air from escaping through that route. 

It will also allow the HVAC system to run longer with high efficiency. The professionals will look out for the leaks or cracks in the windows, walls, and doors, allowing hot air to come in and cool air from escaping outside. They will seal them up and prevent any cool air from going out. 

  • Coil and Compressor Maintenance

If there is any plant, leaves, dirt, and debris around and near the outdoor AC unit, you should clear the area before use in the summer months. The company for Air conditioning services will clean the area around the conditioning coils and evaporator. It will stop any accumulated dust and debris from getting inside the system and damaging the parts. Dirty coils of an air conditioner will hurt the efficiency and performance and increase the electricity cost. If the outdoor system is dirty and unclean, the additional burden on the entire system can result in overheating and decreases its lifespan. 

  • Check the thermostat

Local AC professionals in Austin, TX, will check the furnace system and thermostat controls to check if they are performing correctly, especially during high temperatures when the load is excessive. You can upgrade to a programmable or a smart thermostat, setting different temperatures automatically for the entire day. They will start working even before you reach your house from work, and turn themselves off when there is no one around or at home. It will also check energy consumption. You can control and monitor the smart thermostats from the smartphone and choose the required settings even when you are not home. 

  • Examine the coolant lines

The refrigerant pipes or tubes run from your AC evaporator on the indoor unit to the condenser outdoor unit. These pipes or tubes are covered with coolant foam insulation. During HVAC Services in Austin, TX, expert AC technicians will investigate if there are any missing or frayed areas on the insulation. If there is any, they will replace it with new sleeves or surround the tubes with insulated foam tape in a spiral pattern. 

  • Inspect significant parts

A contractor for AC repair and maintenance will ensure that the capacitor or the contractor is not swollen. They will also check if the fan or AC compressor is not running hard, causing it to overheat. 

  • Proper AC repair and Maintenance

At the end of the winter or spring season, the best way to examine and service the AC system is by calling a professional HVAC contractor near you. The certified and licensed technician will tighten and check all the electrical components, circuit breakers, fuses, and many more. They will also thoroughly check if there is damaged wiring. The expert will examine and refill the refrigerant level, as little or excessive refrigerant can also affect your AC performance in the hot seasons. The AC specialist will lubricate every moving element, examine for any damage to the condensate drains and hoses, and more. In other words, a renowned AC servicing and repairing company in Austin can make your AC like a new one. 

If you wait for the summer to arrive and then prepare your AC for use, you might end up suffering during the hot weather. Since most well-qualified technicians are full of maintenance work during that time. Schedule your appointment before spring ends to avoid a rush.

Schedule an appointment for AC repair and maintenance

Since regular AC maintenance is not a DIY task, a well-skilled and knowledgeable technician should handle it for the best results. Give Texas Reliable Services a call at (512) 609-8103 and book a high-quality professional for AC installation, AC maintenance, or repairing service with no delay.

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