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4 Ways Spring AC Maintenance Helps Control Allergies

You may have even had your AC on through most of it. If you haven’t, you probably noticed that these last couple of weeks have made those who suffer from allergies more uncomfortable. From watery eyes to throat tickles, congestion to sinus pressure, it’s no fun to be under allergy’s thumb.

But what can you do when you live in a verdant state with such high humidity and mold is everywhere?


If you have allergies, a well-running and well-conditioned AC is almost as powerful as your allergy meds. Learn how spring maintenance on your AC can help you combat those annoying allergies.

How Spring AC Maintenance Can Combat Seasonal Allergies

  • AC Maintenance Reminds You of Filters

We know you change (or clean) your air filters monthly without fail, right? Nothing ever gets in the way of you doing that. Okay, so maybe you’ve forgotten once or twice. The thing is when you change your filters regularly you can drastically improve your indoor air quality. Scheduling your spring AC maintenance will help you remember the importance of this. If not, you can be assured your AC service tech will.

  • Clean Air Ducts

Some people opt to get their air ducts cleaned as part of their spring AC maintenance and it’s a wise decision. Often the winters can cause creatures to make homes of ducts particularly those that flow under the house or in attics. In the case of a winter when you didn’t use your AC often, you may also have mold in the ducts that you are unaware of. If you turn on your AC without getting them cleaned, you’re inviting mold spores into your family’s lungs. Getting ducts cleaned and checked for necessary repairs will ensure the air your family is breathing is less likely to contain contaminants.

  • Expert Recommendations

An AC service technician can help catch inefficiencies in your system before they become problems. Techs are also trained to look for other potential air quality issues. Having a pro assess your home environment will assist you in combat the discomfort of allergies and can help make you aware of potential situations before you’re left without service or a condition that could exacerbate your allergies such as mold.

  • Swiping the Drainage Hole

Most AC units have a drainage hole near the base of the cabinet. Over the winter gunk can build up there and block drainage. When the spring rains come and the air starts getting more humidity in it, the unit or condenser pan can become home to standing water. Whether you have allergies or not, the mold is not good for indoor air quality.

Swiping that drainage hole at the beginning of the season with a paperclip or wire can clear the hole and ensure standing water and gunk don’t collect there.

Spring is the ideal time to get your AC serviced. By doing so, you can ensure that potential air quality issues will be recognized and addressed. Contact us Easy AC today to help those you love with allergies.

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